Dialoghi Paralleli. Sancta Eulalia Nobilis Gemma

Exhibition dedicated to the co-patroness of Barcelona, Santa Eulàlia. The exhibition features the sculptural works of Jorge Egea and Luca Freschi, two artists who, in their analytical research, examine classical culture, reinterpret it, and offer new and original iconographic solutions—more delicate, symbolic, and spiritual.

As part of the exhibition, the Diocesan Museum of Barcelona also displays a recently restored piece: the 18th-century Baroque sculpture of Saint Eulàlia (MDB 260). Drawing inspiration from the observation of the sculpture, Egea and Freschi present their artistic proposal.

In his initial representations of the Saint of Barcelona, Jorge Egea sought to give substance to the earthly drama of Saint Eulàlia, portraying the torments to which she had been subjected—the torment of her flesh, the dream of death. Egea carefully examines what is narrated in the ancient Passio with the desire to restore the form and the volume to the wonderful memories dedicated to her, aiming to convey the reality of those events that, if solely entrusted to written words, ran the risk of not fully emerging—the so-called tragic beauty.

On the other hand, Luca Freschi follows a path like Egea’s, combining a realistic representation of the Saint of Barcelona with a more symbolic one. The artist departs from classical figuration to focus on a more evocative dimension.

The exhibition will coincide with another show by the same artists that will soon take place at the European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM).