Art i espiritualitat

The Holy Spirit, who calls all men to Christ by the seeds of the Lord. (Vat II AG 15).

The Pastoral Delegation of Faith and Culture of the Archdiocese of Barcelona and O_LUMEN propose an art tour that connects beauty, integral human development and education as acts of hope. A dialogue between Christian spirituality and contemporary culture based on everyday experiences: grief and joy, uncertainty and changes, the pandemic and community, losses and encounters, dignity and beauty, rebirth and hope. It is a temporary exhibition of seven works by the artist Vicente Molina, which can be visited in three spaces: at the Museu Diocesà, at Càritas in Plaça Nova and at the Faculty of Communication of Blanquerna

Vicente Molina (Madrid, 1956), artist and priest, positions himself in plastic and ideological asceticism. That is why he limits the use of means, and why he uses ephemeral supports such as rehabilitated waste cartons. These are fragile materials that are symbolic of human frailty, deterioration and mutations, expressed through light brushstrokes. He works in a schematic, effectual and restrained-gesture language that, emptying the human figure and the objects, leaves only what is essential.