Cap dia sense música!

In modern times, especially in the 18th century, music in Barcelona had an extraordinary vitality. Music accompanied, solemnized, and provided an expressive dimension to most civil and religious events and ceremonies, and in the same way it was the backbone of the city’s leisure and entertainment. The present exhibition explains the musical activity that took place in churches, convents, on the street, at the Teatre de la Santa Creu, and in the domestic interiors of 18th century Barcelona, as well as detailing the reasons why they played one music or another, who sponsored it and the instruments that were played, without forgetting the female musicians and the female musical practice coming from the convents of nuns.

The exhibition can be visited in two simultaneous and complementary locations: the Diocesan Museum of Barcelona and the exhibition space of the CRAI Biblioteca de Lletres i CRAI Biblioteca de Fons Antic.