Ara ballen!

Continuing with the approach started in 2020, linking an informative exhibition with the cultural programming of the celebration of the Corpus Christi of the City, this year’s exhibition aims to deepen the knowledge of this festivity, the elements that participate and its protocol, with a focus on the giants. The aim is also to raise awareness of unique aspects of the Giants of the City and the parishes that are little known to the general public, and to highlight the different meanings of the festive elements that have taken part and continue to take part in the Corpus Christi procession in Barcelona.

The narrative of the exhibition follows six main themes: 1. The Corpus Christi festival and the giants / 2. The role of the giants in the Corpus Christi procession/ 3. The Corpus Christi octave in Barcelona / 4. The expenses generated by the giants/ 5. The vigil, the procession and the authorities / 6. The processional and festive giants in a secularised world.

The exhibition displays pieces such as the Original Giants of la “Basílica de Santa Maria del Pi” and the Carnival Giants, also known as the Giants of the Borne district or the Old Giants of the House of Charity, wearing the costumes they used to take part in the procession. All of this is accompanied by images of great documentary value, some of them completely unpublished, from archives and public and private collections.

The Corpus Christi festival in Barcelona was declared a Heritage Festival of National Interest in 2021. That is the reason why ‘Now they dance! The giants in the Corpus Christi procession’ aims to contribute to the protection, promotion and dissemination of the festival, as requested in article 18 of the decree 389/2006, of 17 October, on the festive heritage of Catalonia.

This initiative of the Diocesan Museum of Barcelona, the Archbishopric of Barcelona, and the Cathedral of Barcelona, is part of the celebration of the 600th anniversary of the first documentary reference of processional or festive giants in Barcelona and Europe, and has counted with the collaboration of the Coordinator de “Colles Geganteres de Barcelona”, the Institute of Culture of Barcelona and the Department of Culture of the “Generalitat de Catalunya”.

The exhibition ‘Now they dance! The giants in the Corpus Christi procession’ complements the permanent exhibition ’Barcelona in the street. To see and be seen. The Corpus Christi procession’ located on the upper floor of the “Casa de l’Almoina”.