The temple of Santa Maria is a Bé Cultural d’Interès Nacional that is located in a privileged environment to understand a city of the modern era.

Witness to the passage of time since the arrival of the Romans, it is the result of a deep dialogue between history and the territory, between the needs of the faithful and the artistic currents of each moment. A parish with more than ten centuries on its shoulders that narrates the vicissitudes of a town faithful to its roots.

The Conjunt dels Dolors (Ensemble of the Sorrows) stands out for being one of the few still-standing, preserved Catalan Baroque devotional space. A beautiful example of Baroque architecture, a fascinating space where the paintings of Viladomat and Joan Gallart envelop the visitor, almost caressing them. Chiaroscuri, almost Caravaggio-esque, that present ideals that seem to emerge from the darkness. A space that must be experienced!